An about page. This is pretty difficult for someone like me who isn’t entirely sure who they are. I’m certainly learning who I am not, but it’s going to be a process to know who I am.


Some things I do know:

I am queer as fuck.
I am transgender.
I am married to an amazing partner. How they put up with me, I have no idea.
I am currently in therapy with an old white dude, who honest to god is a perfect match for me. I may complain and make fun of him a lot, but I’d be in piss poor shape without him.
I am a nerd and I really enjoy History. Hell, half of my BA is in History.


What have I learned in Therapy?

Well, I learned that while I feel fucked on a daily basis, there is a way to improve.
I learned that I have had a lot of things building up for a lot of years.
I have learned that I am able to trust my counselor, which I wasn’t sure I could when I had two bad experiences with therapy in the past. Thankfully this guy is a fuck tonne different.

As far as my diagnosis at this point in time:
I have Major Depressive Disorder, recurring Moderate. I also have PTSD. Currently, I am struggling with the PTSD part, because in my mind I have not had anything traumatic enough to warrant that. I know, my head is an annoying place.